The teaser for Sunny Deol’s next film Gadar 2 has received widespread acclaim, and industry colleagues have complimented him. Sunny’s half-sister Esha Deol expressed her hopes for the film in a rare contact. Sunny’s son Karan Deol’s wedding was missed by Esha, who subsequently congratulated him on social media.

Esha re-shared the Gadar 2 video on Instagram, including emojis such as clap, folded hands, red heart, and nazar amulet.

Esha had already skipped Karan Deol’s wedding with her mother Hema Malini and sister Ahana Deol, generating rumors of family strife. However, Esha’s following celebratory letter put any doubts to rest.

Sunny and Ameesha Patel return as Tara Singh and Sakeena in Gadar 2. The plot centres around their efforts to save their son Jeete, who is kidnapped and tortured in Pakistan during the ‘Crush India Movement.’

Sunny thanked fans for their support and promised double the action and fun in Gadar 2 compared to the first. On August 11, 2023, the film will be released in theaters.

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