NAROWAL – Former Indian cricketer and politician Navjot Singh Sidhu hailed Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday for completing the Kartarpur corridor and praised Pakistan’s preparations for the 552nd birth anniversary of Bab Guru Nanak.

Hundreds of Sikh pilgrims attended the festivities of Baba Guru Nanak’s birth, including Indian Punjab Chief Minister Navjot Singh Sadhu.

3,000 Indian Sikhs had been granted visas by Pakistan. Navjot Singh Sadhu and other dignitaries arrived at Kartarpur via Kartarpur to participate in the rituals and religious rites.

Sidhu also ate with other Sikh pilgrims at Langar Khana and expressed gratitude to the Pakistan government for the preparations.

In an interview with the media on Saturday, he stated that commerce should be allowed in order to bridge the gap between the nuclear arch-rivals.

“Just as Prime Minister Imran Khan has demonstrated good thinking, the appeal for virtual tourism will be heeded because virtual tourism has the potential to transform the future of our country,” Sidhu added.

He also emphasised the “beginning of a new friendship chapter” and bilateral trade.

“I am grateful to Prime Minister (Imran Khan) for taking the first step, and India has reacted with two steps.” “I had already stated that people who supported the laanga (corridor) would be blessed, while those who opposed it would have no value,” he claimed.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, according to the Indian Punjab Congress chairman, is his “older brother.” “He’s my elder brother,” Sidhu said.

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