Due to a technical issue, the Sui Southern Gas Company Ltd (SSGCL) has suspended gas supply to all CNG stations and industries in Sindh and Balochistan for 72 hours.

Domestic and commercial customers, on the other hand, have not seen any interruptions in gas deliveries, according to the sources.

As the facility struggled to dock the vessel, SSGC’s RLNG deliveries were interrupted. SSGCL has asked local exploration and production firms to increase their gas output during the gas supply interruption, and has guaranteed them that they would receive the required support.

Low pressure complaints have been raised in several sections of Karachi as a result of the gas shortage. Due to dry-docking, the decision to halt gas delivery to CNG outlets was made (change of FSRU at Engro Terminal)

According to the All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNA), CNG has lost its value in the last year owing to soaring costs and a significant migration by owners of CNG cars to petrol as a result of the shutdown.

According to reports, CNG sales in Sindh have fallen to 15-16 mmcfd from 85-90 mmcfd last year, and 35 stations have lately closed owing to high gas costs.

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