A court has ordered the government to abolish the riba-based Haram financial system.

On Thursday, the Federal Shariat Court deemed Pakistan’s Interest Act 1839 un-Islamic, ordering the government to replace the Riba-based financial system with an Islamic one within five years.On April 12, a full bench of the Federal Shariat Court (FSC), led by Chief Justice Muhammad Noor Meskanzai and included Justice Dr. Syed Muhammad Anwar and Mr. […]

The governor of the SBP describes the I-SAAF initiative as a game changer for SMEs.

MULTAN — Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), Dr. Reza Baqir, has stated that the Asaan Credit Scheme (I-SAAF) will be a game changer in improving access to finance for SMEs by addressing the long-standing concern of a shortage of collateral. Dr. Reza Baqir spoke at length about the importance of SMEs in […]

Cabinet agrees a deal with Saudi Arabia to maintain $3 billion in the SBP.

The federal cabinet has accepted a deal to hold $3 billion in Saudi Arabian funding in Pakistan’s State Bank. The transaction was approved by the Cabinet via a dissemination summary on Saturday. The Saudi government agreed to keep a $3 billion reserve at the State Bank. The help will be held in the State Bank’s […]

The SBP raises interest rates by 150 basis points to 8.75 percent.

KARACHI, Pakistan — In an effort to limit runaway inflation, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) raised its benchmark policy rate by 150 basis points to 8.75 percent on Friday. The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) voted to raise the policy rate by 150 basis points to 8.75 percent at its meeting on Friday. This reflected […]

The Saudi Fund for Development deposits $ 3 billion with the SBP and offers $ 1.2 billion in oil financing.

ISLAMABAD – On Tuesday, the Saudi Fund for Development announced a “generous instruction” to deposit US $3 billion with the State Bank of Pakistan to help the government maintain its foreign currency reserves and deal with the effects of the Corona outbreak. The deposit of US 3 billion dollars was made in addition to an […]

The IMF’s $2.75 billion boosts the SBP’s foreign exchange reserves to new highs.

KARACHI: The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has received $2.75 billion in Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), bringing the central bank’s foreign exchange holdings to an all-time high of $20.14 billion. The central bank’s foreign currency reserves on August 27 were $20,145.6 million, according to statistics provided by the bank. […]

Pakistan has seen the fastest remittance growth in two decades, with $29.4 billion in remittances.

KARACHI: Pakistan’s remittances from abroad grew at a nearly two-decade high pace in the previous fiscal year of 2020-21, providing significant assistance to the external sector, according to statistics released by the central bank on Tuesday. “Despite the tough global economic conditions in the previous year, these [remittances] helped strengthen the country’s external sector position,” […]