Under the NFC Award, the federal government provides an additional Rs. 598 billion to provincial governments.

During the first nine months (July-March) of the current fiscal year (2021-22), the federal government transferred an extra Rs. 598 billion to provincial governments under the National Finance Commission (NFC) Award, compared to the same time the previous fiscal year.According to the Ministry of Finance, the Imran Khan-led government released Rs. 2,584 billion from the […]

The Sindh government has imposed a lockdown till August 8 due to a worrisome increase of COVID-19 cases.

KARACHI: According to Channel News, the Sindh government has decided to impose an emergency lockdown till August 8 as the province continues to face a worrisome increase of COVID-19 infections. It will take effect the next day (Saturday). This was agreed during a coronavirus task force meeting on Friday, which was led by Sindh Chief […]

Sindh govt allows businesses to operate till 10pm as per new COVID-19 guidelines

KARACHI: The Sindh government has extended the operational hours for commercial activities in the province until 10pm, a statement issued in this regard said Friday. Indoor dining  Per the notification, indoor dining will now be allowed in hotels and restaurants until 12am, however, they will continue to operate on a 50% capacity which has only […]