ISLAMABAD – Protests are taking place in major cities and towns across the country, including Karachi, Lahore, and Peshawar, over excessive electricity costs.

People have taken to the streets in response to a huge increase in electricity rates across the country.
In most of the country’s small and big cities, businessmen are protesting the high cost of power, demanding the government to reduce the additional tax included in electricity bills and the ever-increasing cost of electricity.

Business organizations in Karachi held large-scale protests against high electricity tariffs and levies. Protests against K-Electric were held in front of the Jama Cloth Market. The business community joined the march, waving banners, posters, and placards against K Electric. Anti-K Electric slogans were heard from protesters.

Citizens protested passionately over the hike in energy bill charges in numerous areas of the province capital, Lahore. Protesters screamed anti-billing-tax chants and demanded that the government quickly lower electricity charges.

Gulbahar and adjacent residents protested at Anam Sanam Chowk against the high cost of power and heavy bills. Protesters set fire to power bills, alleging that unanticipated loadshedding and excessive bill rates are intolerable.
Citizens demonstrated against rising energy prices near Rawalpindi’s Liaquat Bagh. Protesters were holding electricity bills. Protesters stated that they would not allow any growth in power or taxation under any circumstances. The government should remove the electricity taxes or else there would be a protest.

Citizens in Narowal demonstrated forcefully at the Circular Road, chanting anti-government slogans, in protest of rising electricity rates. Protesters claimed that the administration accepted IMF loans and used them to enrich the ruling class.
“We pay taxes to pay for their opulence.” “The rulers should give up their luxuries and provide relief to the people,” they declared.

Hundreds of people protesting against high bills and inflation at Dipalpur Chowk. Anti-WAPDA and anti-government slogans were heard from protesters. They said that the government had put hundreds of levies on electricity bills that the poor were unable to pay. He went on to remark that the administration had included a variety of charges in the bill.

Residents of Rahim Yar Khan also demonstrated against the increased costs on electricity bills by holding them in their hands. Citizens marched from Dua Chowk to Mapco’s office, brandishing black flags, to protest the hike in energy bills. A large number of municipal and student representatives attended the event.

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