ISLAMABAD : On Wednesday, the Pakistan Stock Exchange’s (PSX) 100-index dropped 91.34 points, or 0.22 percent, to close at 40,539.30 as opposed to 40,630.64 points the day before.

The total number of shares exchanged throughout the day was 142,881,828 as opposed to 201,058,817 the day before. The price of the shares was Rs 4.334 billion as opposed to Rs 4.977 billion the previous trading day.

A total of 325 firms traded shares on the stock market; 128 of them saw gains, 173 suffered losses, and 24 saw their share prices stay steady.

Dewan Motors had 10,850,000 shares trading at Rs 15.54 per share, followed by Sui South Gas with 10,734,500 shares dealing at Rs 11.06 per share and Al Shaheer(R) with 9,350,854 shares trading at Rs 1.07 per share as the top three trading businesses.

Rafhan Maize saw a largest gain in per share price of Rs 499.00, finishing at Rs 9599.00, while Premium Tex. came in second with a rise in per share price of Rs 34.97, reaching Rs 610.00.

Following Nestle Pakistan, which saw a share price drop as much as Rs 100.00 to end at Rs 5750.00, was J.D.W Sugar, which had a share price drop as much as Rs 14.66 to conclude at Rs 405.33.

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