To combat smuggling between Iran and Pakistan, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has designated the Bazarcha Border Terminal in Taftan as a customs port for the clearance of import/export products between the two countries.
According to a notification issued by the FBR on Tuesday, the FBR has proclaimed Bazarcha Border Terminal, Taftan, a customs port for the purpose of loading, unloading, and clearing of commodities or any class of goods imported or to be exported. Trucks shall enter and depart at a specified spot on the western side of the Bazarcha Border Terminal, and this border crossing point shall be solely for freight vehicles.

The government inaugurated the Bazarcha Border terminal at Taftan a few days ago, allowing cargo vehicles to convey commodities between Iran and Pakistan. The terminal has 30 acres of ground for loading and unloading as well as commodities clearance. People living near the border are anticipated to benefit from the decision in terms of job and business prospects.

President Fida Hussain Dashti of the Balochistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other office-bearers hailed the decision, saying it will benefit the business community on both sides of the border. They said that it would increase commerce between Iran and Pakistan.

They went on to say that the chamber had kept its promise, and that the trade of commodities would now take place legally and through official channels.

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