A business strategy was submitted to the Finance Ministry in order to make PIA feasible.

On Tuesday, the Finance Ministry received a five-year business plan with the purpose of keeping Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) afloat in the future by avoiding losses.

According to the idea, the number of aircraft should be increased from 29 to 49, including 16 big planes, 27 medium planes, and 6 turboprop current planes. This will progressively raise the number of passengers, cargo, and commercial activity from 52 million to 90 million per year, resulting in a larger profit margin.

The PIA’s assets will grow from 1.19 billion to 2.18 billion dollars by 2026, according to the proposal.

It further stated that full implementation of the PIA’s financial restructuring policy for 2019 is required.

According to the business strategy, PIA should increase flights to the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf, as these are the most profitable routes. New lines to Baku, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Kuwait, Tehran, and Singapore should also be established, according to the proposal.

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