The rupee continues to depreciate against the US currency.

KARACHI: On Thursday, the Pakistani rupee continued to depreciate against the US dollar in the interbank market for the ninth consecutive session. According to forex dealers, the domestic currency depreciated one paisa against the greenback at the start of the session, dropping to a new low of Rs181.74. The US dollar is currently trading at […]

Microsoft expects to make a lot of money from cloud computing.

SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) – Microsoft exceeded market forecasts with a good quarterly performance in cloud computing and software on Tuesday, continuing to benefit from the pandemic’s online moving of work, play, shopping, and learning. The US internet behemoth, which revealed last week a bombshell agreement to acquire gaming behemoth Activision Blizzard, reported a $18.8 billion […]

The country’s economic bases are open to the rest of the world: Moeed Yusuf

ISLAMABAD – Dr. Moeed Yusuf, Pakistan’s national security advisor, stated on Wednesday that the country’s economic bases are open to the whole globe. In an interview with BBC’s Hard Talk host Stephen Sackur, he answered to a variety of questions about the Pakistan-US Economic Corridor and other problems. He went on to declare that no […]

The Saudi Fund for Development deposits $ 3 billion with the SBP and offers $ 1.2 billion in oil financing.

ISLAMABAD – On Tuesday, the Saudi Fund for Development announced a “generous instruction” to deposit US $3 billion with the State Bank of Pakistan to help the government maintain its foreign currency reserves and deal with the effects of the Corona outbreak. The deposit of US 3 billion dollars was made in addition to an […]

Facebook has confirmed a restriction on anything connected to the Taliban.

The Taliban’s quick conquest of Afghanistan presents a new problem for large American internet companies in terms of dealing with information generated by a group that is designated a terrorist organisation by several countries across the world. Facebook announced on Monday that it has designated the Taliban as a terrorist organisation and has banned them, […]