Pakistan’s population is expanding more quickly than any other Asian nation.

LAHORE – Pakistan, the fifth-most populous nation in the world, has a 2.4% yearly population growth, and 11,000 moms die giving birth each year. On World Population Day, the Population Council releases the figures. It claimed that Pakistan’s population was expanding more quickly than that of any other Asian nation. The council emphasized that every […]

YouTube simplifies monetization

(Web Desk) – Creators who want to monetize their material may now use the YouTube Partner Programme (YPP). YouTube has now imposed reduced qualifying requirements. Creators in the United States with more than 20,000 YPP subscribers may now participate in the platform’s retail affiliate programme. According to the new requirements, artists must have at least […]

The Supreme Court confirms Justice Hilali’s elevation to the Supreme Court.

ISLAMABAD – The Supreme Judicial Commission (SJC) accepted the promotion of Peshawar High Court (PHC) Chief Justice Musarrat Hilali to the Supreme Court on Wednesday, making her the second woman to be admitted to the higher court. The SJC, led by Chief Justice Umar Ata Bandial, made the judgement unanimously. Earlier, CJP Bandial convened a […]

Shell Petroleum will sell its shareholding in Pakistan.

KARACHI ( Reuters/Web Desk )- Shell Pakistan Limited (SPL) said on Wednesday that its parent firm, Shell Petroleum firm, which controls 77% of the local organisation, will leave the country, without specifying how much stake would be disposed of. The action comes after the firm experienced huge losses in 2022 as a result of currency […]

Doctor Kapotaqkhy Chanchala of Karachi is named Miss Pakistan Universal 2023.

A Pakistani doctor who has the ability to succeed as a model was named Miss Pakistan Universal 2023.Models are judged in beauty pageant events conducted all over the world on their outward looks, personalities, talents, and overall presentation. According to the format, models display their grace, talent, and attractiveness in many categories. For the last […]

Bacha Khan Medical Graduate Earns 20 Gold Medals for Excellence

On Saturday, the Bacha Khan Medical College Mardan held its second convocation. Degrees and gold medals were given to the graduating students during the ceremony. Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Haji Ghulam Ali, who served as the ceremony’s principal guest, as well as Dr. Riaz Anwar, the college’s dean, Dr. Amjad Ali, the caretaker provincial cabinet’s […]

Pakistan’s World Test Championship Cycle Schedule, 2023–2025

The World Test Championship 2023 is now in its last day, with India and Australia competing at the Oval for supreme honour. Even though the current championship is the main emphasis, cricket fans are eagerly anticipating the 2023–2025 tournament cycle. The schedules for each side, which include their home and away series, were recently issued […]

Maria Butt discusses her post-divorce financial troubles.

ISLAMABAD (Online )- In an open discussion on her own podcast, fashion designer Maria Butt, who often garners more attention for her thoughts than her designs, recounted some secret tales of hardship and success. Butt admitted that the road to success wasn’t an easy one for her despite having a successful career lasting more than […]

In the Hareem Shah video leaks case, the FIA detains TikToker Sundal Khattak.

ISLAMABAD – After an Islamabad court rejected TikToker Sundal Khattak’s request for bail in the Hareem Shah video leaks case on Monday, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) detained her. The TikToker Hareem Shah video leak case was heard by Special Judge Central Islamabad. Sundal Khattak, the accused, refuted the accusations, claiming that neither she nor […]