I swear to God, I did not sign the legislation on Official Secrets and Army Amendments: President Alvi

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (APP) – President Arif Alvi stated on Sunday that he did not sign the Official Secrets Amendment Bill 2023 and the Pakistan Army Amendment Bill 2023 because he disagreed with them. On the social media network X, formerly known as Twitter, the president stated that he instructed his staff to return the bills […]

Pindi Bhatian: Horrific traffic accident leaves 20 dead from burns and 14 wounded

FAISALABAD: A accident between a passenger bus and a pick up truck carrying diesel barrels on the Faisalabad Motorway near Pindi Bhattian resulted in at least 20 persons, including women and children, being burned to death and 14 others being injured, according to ARY News on Sunday. Rescue workers said that the tragic bus had […]

The government permits abroad Pakistanis and tourists to use mobile phones for up to four months.

ISLAMABAD, (APP) – Prime Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif today launched the Online Temporary Mobile Phone Registration system for abroad Pakistanis and foreign nationals, under which applicants would be allowed to use their phones for 120 days without paying customs taxes. The scheme would allow abroad Pakistanis and foreign nationalities to use their own phones when […]

NA organisation for preventing wheat and fertiliser smuggling to stabilise prices.

KARACHI – On Wednesday, the National Assembly Standing Committee on National Food Security and Research expressed its concerns about the smuggling of wheat and fertiliser and requested that the appropriate steps be taken to stop the problem in order to ensure that the commodity is supplied across the nation at a reasonable price. The Committee, […]

Pakistan’s trade with UAE to surpass $10.6bn in 2023: Ambassador.

ISLAMABAD : The bilateral commerce between Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates is anticipated to double from the $10.6 billion volume attained in 2021–2022, according to Faisal Niaz Tirmizi, Pakistan’s ambassador to the UAE. He said, “The potential is far bigger,” while speaking to an Emirates News Agency. The political leadership of my nation has […]

ECC authorises Rs60 billion in credit for PSO to pay debts

ISLAMABAD: The release of Rs 60 billion in finance for Pakistan State Oil (PSO) to be able to satisfy its financial commitments was authorised at a meeting of the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the federal cabinet, among other decisions. The bulk of this money will come from commercial banks because of the fact that […]

Roshan Digital Accounts Saved Pakistan from a Crisis Similar to Sri Lanka.

With the economy under great strain, as seen by depleted foreign reserves, a rising current account deficit, and the currency plunging to a historic low, Pakistan must act quickly to reactivate the International Monetary Fund programme in order to avert a Sri Lanka-style collapse. “In order to re-enter the program, the government must reduce petroleum […]