Beijing permits the nation’s airline to restart service to China.

Beijing (Reuters) – More than three years after ceasing because to COVID-19 limitations, Beijing has let North Korea’s state-run airline Air Koryo to restart flights to China, the Chinese foreign ministry announced on Monday. The decision coincides with indications of greater communication between North Korea and its largest commercial partner and neighbor. According to a […]

Facebook is allegedly being sued by Thailand for suspected frauds.

Reuters: Bangkok The second-largest economy in Southeast Asia’s Facebook (META.O) may be shut down, according to Thailand’s digital minister, if Meta Platforms doesn’t take steps to stop frauds that have impacted more than 200,000 individuals. “We are asking the court to close Facebook, not allowing it to provide services in Thailand if they let these […]

YouTube simplifies monetization

(Web Desk) – Creators who want to monetize their material may now use the YouTube Partner Programme (YPP). YouTube has now imposed reduced qualifying requirements. Creators in the United States with more than 20,000 YPP subscribers may now participate in the platform’s retail affiliate programme. According to the new requirements, artists must have at least […]

Google’s AI to power virtual travel agent from Priceline

Reuters (Reuters) – Want to stay near a Christmas market, a vegan restaurant, or another attraction in New York? Look no farther than artificial intelligence from Google (GOOGL.O), which will be available at Priceline as early as this summer, according to the businesses. According to Martin Brodbeck, Priceline’s chief technology officer, the online travel agency, […]

Due to the “weird” organisational structure, the CEO of OpenAI has no plans to go public.

Sweden (Reuters) – The CEO of Microsoft-backed OpenAI, the organisation behind ChatGPT, Sam Altman, said at a conference in Abu Dhabi that there are no immediate plans for the business to go public. When we achieve superintelligence, we may make choices that most investors would find incomprehensible, according to Altman. When asked whether he would […]

Despite Russia’s sanctions, Opec+ is expected to maintain its oil production levels.

(AFP) – Before new penalties on Moscow take effect, major oil-producing nations headed by Saudi Arabia and Russia appear ready to maintain their existing output levels at a summit on Sunday. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), which has 13 members, will reconsider its agreement to reduce output by two million barrels per […]

After a nod from Brussels, Germany and Italy agree Russian gas payments

MILAN/BERLIN: Following conversations with the European Union, Germany and Italy advised firms they could create rouble accounts to keep buying Russian gas without breaking sanctions, according to sources. The argument over Russia’s insistence that international gas importers pay in roubles has put European countries’ commitment to adopt a firm stance against Moscow over the Ukraine […]

Pakistan’s economy would rank 16th by 2050. PwC report

KARACHI: PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) believes that Pakistan will achieve exceptional growth rates over the next three decades, overtaking industrialised nations such as Canada and Italy to become the world’s 16th largest economy by 2050 in a new report. The consultancy firm produced its first ‘World in 2050’ report in March 2006, which featured GDP growth predictions […]

Saudi Arabia claims to have deposited $5 billion in Egypt’s state bank.

CAIRO, Egypt (AP) – Saudi Arabia offered a $5 billion aid package for cash-strapped Egypt on Wednesday, where the economy is under strain due in part to the economic consequences from Russia’s conflict on Ukraine. The monies, which were placed in Egypt’s Central Bank, are part of Saudi Arabia’s “tireless efforts” to strengthen Egypt, the […]