Esha Deol Wishes Sunny Deol for Gadar 2 Following Wedding Controversy

The teaser for Sunny Deol’s next film Gadar 2 has received widespread acclaim, and industry colleagues have complimented him. Sunny’s half-sister Esha Deol expressed her hopes for the film in a rare contact. Sunny’s son Karan Deol’s wedding was missed by Esha, who subsequently congratulated him on social media. Esha re-shared the Gadar 2 video […]

Sajal Aly speaks out strongly against child labor.

KARACHI, (Web Desk) – Sajal Aly, a well-known Pakistani actor, has spoken out against child and domestic labor. In her video message, the Angan star advised everyone to report child labor cases to the appropriate authorities because it is entirely illegal. Days after the wife of Judge Asim Hafeez was accused of violently beating a […]

The Barbie Movie is not prohibited in Punjab.

In an odd change of events, “Barbie” is neither restricted nor shown in theaters throughout Punjab! Punjab does not have a movie ban on Barbie! In an odd change of events, “Barbie” is neither restricted nor shown in theaters throughout Punjab! The Barbie Movie was purportedly prohibited in Pakistan’s Punjab province for featuring pro-LGBTQ content, […]

Maria Butt discusses her post-divorce financial troubles.

ISLAMABAD (Online )- In an open discussion on her own podcast, fashion designer Maria Butt, who often garners more attention for her thoughts than her designs, recounted some secret tales of hardship and success. Butt admitted that the road to success wasn’t an easy one for her despite having a successful career lasting more than […]

In the Hareem Shah video leaks case, the FIA detains TikToker Sundal Khattak.

ISLAMABAD – After an Islamabad court rejected TikToker Sundal Khattak’s request for bail in the Hareem Shah video leaks case on Monday, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) detained her. The TikToker Hareem Shah video leak case was heard by Special Judge Central Islamabad. Sundal Khattak, the accused, refuted the accusations, claiming that neither she nor […]

Hiba Bukhari responds to ‘Domestic Abuse’ sensationalism.

KARACHI, (Web Desk) — Hiba Bukhari, a Pakistani entertainment actress, has voiced her fury at persons circulating fake information of domestic abuse against her. Hiba Bukhari responded to false news depicting her as a victim of domestic violence by posting a screenshot of a private TV news programme on her Instagram story and then deleting […]