Pakistan’s population is expanding more quickly than any other Asian nation.

LAHORE – Pakistan, the fifth-most populous nation in the world, has a 2.4% yearly population growth, and 11,000 moms die giving birth each year. On World Population Day, the Population Council releases the figures. It claimed that Pakistan’s population was expanding more quickly than that of any other Asian nation. The council emphasized that every […]

Google’s AI to power virtual travel agent from Priceline

Reuters (Reuters) – Want to stay near a Christmas market, a vegan restaurant, or another attraction in New York? Look no farther than artificial intelligence from Google (GOOGL.O), which will be available at Priceline as early as this summer, according to the businesses. According to Martin Brodbeck, Priceline’s chief technology officer, the online travel agency, […]

Hiba Bukhari responds to ‘Domestic Abuse’ sensationalism.

KARACHI, (Web Desk) — Hiba Bukhari, a Pakistani entertainment actress, has voiced her fury at persons circulating fake information of domestic abuse against her. Hiba Bukhari responded to false news depicting her as a victim of domestic violence by posting a screenshot of a private TV news programme on her Instagram story and then deleting […]

Due to the “weird” organisational structure, the CEO of OpenAI has no plans to go public.

Sweden (Reuters) – The CEO of Microsoft-backed OpenAI, the organisation behind ChatGPT, Sam Altman, said at a conference in Abu Dhabi that there are no immediate plans for the business to go public. When we achieve superintelligence, we may make choices that most investors would find incomprehensible, according to Altman. When asked whether he would […]

Pakistan’s total debt tops Rs58tr amid high interest rate, rupee depreciation

KARACHI : The entire debt of the central government increased by 34.1% at the end of April, according to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), reaching Rs58.6 trillion on an annual basis. The trend is predictable given the government’s increasing reliance on borrowing in the face of a weakening currency and its failure to increase […]