Pakistan has received its first supply of Russian liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), marking the country’s second significant energy agreement with Moscow.
The arrival of this large LPG supply follows Pakistan’s earlier reception of Russian crude oil, demonstrating the two countries’ expanding energy relationship.
The Russian embassy in Islamabad acknowledged the delivery of 100,000 metric tonnes of LPG through X (previously known as Twitter).

This LPG shipment was sent to Pakistan via Iran’s Sarakhs Special Economic Zone. Furthermore, the embassy indicated that conversations for a second LPG cargo are already underway, while particular specifics including pricing and payment currency remain unknown at this moment.

It’s worth mentioning that officials confirmed that payments for the Russian crude oil previously obtained by Pakistan were made in Chinese money, although the precise sum was never divulged.

Last December, Pakistan and Russia made great progress in purchasing cheap oil and gas. Pakistan’s reliance on energy imports remains a significant component of its foreign payments, and these discounted Russian energy supplies provide some relief.

This collaboration is especially important since Pakistan faces an urgent balance of payments crisis that might lead to default on its foreign debt obligations. As a result, acquiring Russian energy resources is critical for Pakistan’s economic stability and energy security.

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