LAHORE: The Federal Board of Revenue blocked all of singer Aima Baig’s bank accounts on Wednesday due to unpaid taxes, according to A News.

The FBR sought to reclaim money from the singer’s account, but Baig had already withdrew Rs25 million from her bank accounts and emptied them before the FBR could access to it, according to the magazine.

The FBR is currently considering confiscating her automobiles. Baig is said to be in arrears on Rs85 million in income taxes. She did not pay her taxes in 2018, 2019, or 2020.

The FBR sent the singer with a notice on January 14.

The singer has recently made waves after being chosen, along with famed vocalist Atif Aslam, to perform this year’s Pakistan Super League anthem (PSL). She was also included in last year’s popular song ‘Groove Mera.’

Baig is one of Pakistan’s most well-known female singers. She has had multiple hits and received local and international honours in the previous seven years.

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