Prime Minister Imran Khan unveiled Pakistan’s first domestically produced electric motorbike on Thursday.
The prime minister said the debut of the electric motorbike was a “futuristic stride” and that his government’s new electric vehicle (EV) policy laid out a strategy and established a future direction at a ceremony in Islamabad.
The introduction of the electric motorbike is part of the Pakistan Electric Vehicles Policy 2020-2025, which was authorised by the government last year. By 2030 and 2040, the strategy aims to achieve a healthy electric vehicle market with a 30% and 90% share in passenger cars and heavy-duty trucks, respectively.

The prime minister stated during his address that the EV policy was part of a wider commitment to make the country clean and green.
“Electric vehicles, particularly electric motorbikes, will have to be deployed in cities to reduce pollution,” he added.
He went on to say, “When you decide to maintain your air, water, and towns clean, you have to adopt efforts like the 10 Billion Tsunami programme,” and bemoaned the fact that Pakistan was one of the few countries with very little tree cover.
The establishment of national parks, according to the prime minister, was another measure done by the administration to boost tree cover.

He said that this was the first time that Pakistan’s efforts to enhance the environment had been recognised on a global scale.
“The international community now recognises Pakistan as one of the few countries spearheading the fight against global warming.”
‘Progress comes from long-term planning.’
The Prime Minister emphasised the need of long-term planning, calling it essential for a country’s growth.
“Countries that have advanced have considered the future,” the PM added, citing China as an example.
According to the prime minister, if a country’s policies keep shifting from election to election, it would have no blueprint for the future.
“Policies must be designed with the long term in mind.