Chinese Foreign Minister and State Counselor Wang Yi vowed Wednesday that despite changes in international politics, China will remain committed to Pakistan.

Yi was speaking at a conference organised by the Pakistan-China Institute (PCI) to commemorate 70 years of Pakistan-China ties titled “Pakistan-China At 70: A Unique Bilateral Partnership.”

FM Qureshi also gave a speech during the event. Government officials, academics, journalists, students, and representatives of civil society from both China and Pakistan attended.

The conference had twenty-four participants from both nations who discussed the importance of Pakistan-China ties.

Despite their cultural differences, Yi said China and Pakistan were all-weather allies who respected and appreciated each other’s interests. Yi emphasised the importance of multilaterism, adding that countries all around the world should collaborate.

He also stated that in the future, Pakistan and China should work together to protect world peace and encourage other nations to do the same in the face of regional security challenges. Senator Mushahid Hussain was also praised for fostering Pakistan-China relations.

FM Qureshi praised China for its extraordinary assistance during the coronavirus outbreak.

He said that China had provided 3.5 million vaccine doses to Pakistan so far, and that Islamabad has always backed China’s vital interests. He also spoke on the two countries’ educational cooperation, which will result in cultural cooperation as well. Qureshi praised the PCI for organising the event, which featured a specialised panel of experts, in honour of Pakistan and China’s 70-year bilateral connection.